Cricket Trials 2022

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cricket registration form online 2021


T20NPL Cricket Trail Registrations Are Open For Rohini Sports Complex Rohini Delhi. Huppy Up And Register Yourself Now.

Selected Player List Delhi Selection Camp 2024

Goa Heroes Cup 2024

Trail Fees Rs.750 Only.

Join The #Cricket League+ in India




cricket registration form online 2024

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T20NPL Is More Than A Cricket League, It’s A success achievement platform.

NPL gives you the ability to build your career path by yourself. Organised by SPFI only to promote new blood in Cricket. National Players League will make sure that each & every player will get a chance to show their hidden talent and can be easily highlighted in their future competitions with one single shot through this chance.


NPL Chance to show your hidden playing skills here #yahandikhadum !

Some questions that always remain unanswered in every player’s mind is how do i become a cricketer & how to do cricket trials online registration, how to know district cricket trials 2024 date.

So don’t worry T20NPL is here to help you with our experience and our analytical skills.

From NPL you will surely get the knowledge of how to become cricketer!!

For those who are having a dream to become an Indian cricket Team Player. We will guide you for how to become indian cricketer

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Organised by Sports Promotion Federation of India(SPFI)

Sports Promotion Federation of India organised sports events for the Upliftment of the Cricket players so that they can achieve sports achievement in their future.

ISO 27001 Certified
ISO 9001-2015 Certified
Swacch Bharat
SPFI Certified

A ISO 9001 – 2015 Registered League !

The NPL take care to motivate the young aspirants to try and fulfill their cricket dreams. The National Players League Cricket (NPL) is India’s biggest talent hunt for promotion of grass root sports.
People everywhere are loving T20NPL and we thrive off their feedback.

SPFI (Sports Promotion Federation of India)

As you are well aware of the SPFI(Sports Promotion Federation of India) is well know name the sports.Now SPFI organising National Players League to promote the Cricketers & to help them to achieve their proper platform in cricket.

Abhi Nahin to Kabhi Nahin chance !

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